Are Blondes Really Dumb? Are Blondes Really Dumb?

January 8, 2017 | Admin AALOOO

I so clearly remember Lisa Kudrow acting all foolish and goofy in the most favorite TV series of all times; Friends, or be it the case of Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde or Jessica Sexy Simpson in That ’70s Show; no blonde seems to get things right the first time or several other times around and they have actually owned up to looking all dumb and childish. The point I was feeling a bit anxious to make is; are blondes really as dumb as they are portrayed on these television shows or memes or other social platforms being a part of all those blonde ha-ha jokes?



I am forced to push myself into thinking about the many instances I have encountered of a blond making a scene at Walmart for not being allowed to view the performance of the small TV in the aisle six. Well, honey, sweetie, first of all, that’s just a damn microwave which has some digital display action going on (which is no justification for it to be called a TV). For the love of God, get some sense and open your no-good eyes; as being super hot and damn sexy can only take you a couple of years. After that you will be needing a life that makes sense, for once.

I mean, I feel like I should pull a few hair strands off a blondes’ hair and get some lab shit done. Coz, is it something in their hair follicles which takes off the most part of their brain, and in turn makin’ it empty? The weight loss in the brainy part although is made up for in the Second Base part in most cases. Don’t you agree, the heavier the jugs, the lesser the mental capacity.. Hmm, I think I have cracked the code, but I wouldn’t want the docs to get a hang of this tip, coz then who would wanna date or lay eyes on a babe, with blonde hair, who’s a smart ass? I wouldn’t, as I appreciate a girl for her persona rather than if she knows the capitals of all American states, if you know what I mean 😉



I mean, I once hired my room-mate to paint my boss’s porch for me. I was a wee bit occupied that weekend doing his stinky laundry for him, bite me, as I am a suck-up and wanted to extend my Christmas holidays for another five days. So he decided to rid me off of my self-respect and self-esteem before he could allow me to get that privilege. In turn, I ended up doing his crappy chores. Anyhoo, I asked her to help me out and I’d in return bless her with a few joints and a Plus One to an upcoming concert. So, that horrible day, I sent her to my boss’s house to do the needful and finish painting the porch. But, she went one step ahead and did a hell of a paint job. But, let me NOT forget the tragedy, that she instead colored up Love-Of-My-Boss’s-Sick-Life; PORSCHE. Aaaahhh, why oh why I was bit by a worm of some kind and asked HER out of all the other non-blonde friends I had. Or should have sucked up and did it my effin’ self. And needless to say, I never heard on the holiday extension request from my humble boss!

Well, everyone has their Pluses and Minuses and no one’s perfect. But, honestly, be cautious of your hot, sexy, busty, bombshell, bimbos. They are great as your intimate partners, but oh-please-dare-not try to trust ‘em with any responsibilities of any kind. They are just not made for it, and in turn compensate for it by being their lovely gorgeous selves so pleasant on them horny eyes!!!



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