Would This Work, Really?!! Would This Work, Really?!!

January 8, 2017 | Admin AALOOO

Ever wondered while drivin’ off a highway, mindin’ your own damn beeswax, after seeing an ad about obesity that maybe The Ad Campaign Guys are taking it a bit too far, trying to put their message across, and instead give a rather offensive, abusive vibe. Hmm, yup, this is something that I have started observing on a day to day basis, that in the act of making it UNIQUE and BUZZ-WORTHY, they go insanely wrong at times. You don’t agree with this, oksie, now behold, let me open your eyes via this tour:


Source: www.oddee.com

Whoopsie… Whale alert.. Can you believe ‘em? They think that going vegan will save the whales from getting screwed by the plus-sized beach lovers visiting them in the deep waters. O C’mon, get a life, is it really necessary, putting this out there for people wearing swim suits, as if they don’t see it already?!!!

Ain’t that right, for someone who is sporting a two-piece bikini and proudly presenting her WIDE body for the entire world to see, you think they didn’t have a mirror at their place which could tell them about the bloody blubber? This is bad indeed, what’s the damn point. And who says that going vegan would magically drop a few pounds and you’d be a Beach Body Ready kinda girl. Shush, wrong, wrong, wrong!

Whoa, Fudge Me!


Source: Youtube

Damn, these guys would go to every limit in putting out a controversial ad and reaching out with their lame approach. Now, if that’s something that I gotta nail every other night, or maybe every weekend, then I’d be happy as hell. Why, you say, well, look at her, she’s so proudly presenting her Big, Beautiful, nightmare of a birthday suit. I love the heels and especially the intense, sexy look on her rather skinny face. If you are in anyway UNDER that beautiful brunette, she will definitely blow your brains out and then you won’t feel the need to get your balls licked by a second bombshell (in secret, that is).

And they think they are doing the married man a favor by tellin’ him to cheat on this bitch? Ooo, I can’t wait to see him getting crushed after he’s found GUILTY!!! And another thing, having an affair can make your life longer, oh I better not share this with my sweetheart or I’m doomed for sure.

Blown Away, Indeed!


Source: DazedDigital

Honey, from where I am sittin’, this all seems a bit too farfetched, if you know what I mean. What is this ‘blu’ trying to portray here? That it’s OKAY and not regretful at all when you fill-up your lungs with the smoke but on the other hand, fucking a blonde which is a size or two bigger than your usual sex-buddies is a silent killer and can kill you with the haunting, regretful memories!!!

Juz look at him, puttin’ a cig in them skinny lippers, and posing as if he had nothing to do with the big and beautiful lady layin’ all cool and satisfied. As if her satisfaction was merely caused by stuffing her sexy bod with a cheesecake rather than doing an action to satisfy her hungry loins.

I am a strong supporter of MY BODY, NOT YOUR DAMN BUSINESS. You cannot trick me into choosing a healthier way of life over the tasty, shit-load of crap that I decorate my body with. If I ever feel that the world around me needs some breathing space I would definitely kill my grouchy landlord to create the balance the big, fat, whales might need!



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